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Re: Whats ^ with up@6??

Posted by Laura on 2/26/08
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    On 2/26/08, It's fixed wrote:
    > On 2/26/08, Laura wrote:
    >> Ive not been able to get on there for like 2/3 day. But Im
    >> getting emails saying I have private messages there -
    >> anyone know whats going on
    > Granted, it was down on Sunday thoroughout the day, but by
    > evening it was fixed and back and running.
    > Clear your cookies, turn your computer off and then try
    > logging on again.

    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I can not get the page to
    open still. Its not my server because I know others with
    different & they still can not get the page to open.

    Is there something else I could try? I tried looking for the
    site, getting onto it from other places other then my
    favorites. It is still saying IE cant display web page. Thanks