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Re: Whats ^ with up@6?? This may help!

Posted by petparrots on 2/28/08
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    Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:39 am Post subject: Hardware problems, update


    Saturday we had a raid array completely dump on us. I've been working on it
    since then and with the help of Dell, I'll hopefully have everything back up
    to par by Friday evening. The drives -should- have been here Tuesday but Dell
    decided to ship them DHL (Which I will NEVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE USE) and they've
    been misrouted twice from New Mexico to Texas. (/sigh)

    Right now, we're gimping along on a single array that is MUCH slower and
    you've probably noticed the difference. Cross your fingers for a soon

    On a more positive note, I have managed to get together enough money to
    purchase another Dell PowerEdge 2950 server with RAID 10 that will serve as a
    redundant server for all of and a select few other avian related
    websites. It's a very nice machine and will greatly improve our redundancy
    across the board.

    So, if you've noticed a little more latency than usual, now you know the


    n 2/28/08, Tim wrote:
    > On 2/27/08, Laura wrote:
    >> This is so frustrating - Its not my server. There are several other people
    >> with other servers --- why are only some of us getting this hassle
    > I cannot bring up the site either, does anyone have an e-mail addy to
    > contact them? I used and came back undeliverable.