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Post: Has anyone ever...

Posted by Starla on 2/28/08

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    heard of a Hyacinth macaw and a Blue and Gold macaw cross?

    I have a female Hyacinth and a male Blue and gold, and I
    have noticed them mating once before (i walked in on the
    tail end of it). They aren't housed together but I have a
    huge "tree" in the middle of my living room that they both
    play on.

    Well long story short.

    Ivy (the hyacinth) has now laid 2 eggs. And they are
    fertile! I used my buddy (i also breed greenwngs so I had
    one available).

    But now I'm wondering, what the heck will the chicks look
    like? Will they take after mom or dad? I've been looking
    it up online everywhere and can't seem to find out
    anything about it.

    This isn't something I am going to encourage (she laid the
    first egg on the bottom of her cage and was very
    protective of it, so I actually just put it in a basket
    because I don't want to give her a box, but she loves it
    all the same) and I'm not going to encourage it later

    But...seriously...has anyone ever seen a cross between
    these two? If you have, post a link to pictures!

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