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Re: Anyone know anything about

Posted by McKenzie on 7/16/08
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    I wish I had seen your post earlier on.
    We have attempted to do business with and also
    got ripped off by them, as did one of the pet stores that we
    used to sell to before we decided to stop supplying pet stores.

    I can only hope that you didn't make an attempt to deal with
    the. They used to be very reputable, bt as Derek mentioned, they
    are under new ownership and our experience was they aren't
    reachable should something happen to the birds they supply you.
    They simply ignore you after that. (At least they did that with
    us and the pets tore I referred to above.)

    I hope you were able to find someone that has references that
    you can speak with to ensure you have a good experience.

    Good luck to you and take care.

    >> On 3/12/08, Amy wrote:
    >>> I am thinking about buying a female sun conure from
    >>> but I am a little nervous. Any references
    >>> good or bad would be helpful. Thank you.

    Morris Aviaries & Beaked Essentials, LLC