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Post: ~~~~UPDATE~~~RE: UP@6~~~~,

Posted by Aunt Bea on 3/14/08

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    I've made quite a few changes to our systems over the last
    few weeks and spoken with a few providers as well to
    diagnose some of the connectivity issues we've been
    I also want to thank those of you who have been working
    with AT&T and AOL and getting them on the ball to correct
    some of their issues in regards to getting to our network.

    I've recovered all of the data on our server and
    reconfigured the DNS and security here but there are 2-3
    more issues that I feel need to be looked at. (Things I
    want to implement for the below redundancy and security
    setups ). Expect some on and off while I work with other
    ISP's and make some tweaks over here though when we're
    complete, we'll be looking at the following benefits:

    * OC3 Connectivity - very fast connection with multiple
    fall back routes out to the internet [ in place ]
    * Redundant power - Redundant power supplies working and
    our racks are hooked up to a generator in case of power
    outages [ in place ]
    * Disk redundancy - RAID 10 mirroring on our web, sql, and
    disk servers [ 75% complete - 2 machines left ]
    * Machine redundancy - Multiple fail over machines (if one
    machine has hardware issues, another will pick up the load
    via heartbeat) [ approx 50% done, current project ]

    I guess luckily for Kirsten I'm not working at the moment
    and am able to focus on quite a few of the issues that
    needed my attention for quite some time.

    I expect no other outages but do plan on upgrading the
    board over the next 30 days. The biggest issue will be
    conversion and I'll post when that's about to happen.


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