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Re: Looking for info on Luis A. Arroyo of NY.

Posted by Live and Learn on 3/22/08
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    On 3/22/08, jerry wrote:
    > On 3/22/08, Live and Learn wrote:
    >> On 3/22/08, JERRY wrote:
    >>> Got a pair of DYH Amazon's from him that was posted here
    >>> along with their Z nest box but never received their nest
    >>> box I paid him for . He replied saying it was a mistake
    >>> but after I replied back to him a copy of his email with
    >>> the nest box , he will not reply back to me. Now I am
    >>> stuck paying for a deal posted on here that I never
    >>> received . Buyer's beware
    >> His name wasn't your first clue?
    > I ran his IP address and it checked out /
    > The world is full of names

    Yes, that's true, and the bird world is full of cheaters and
    thieves. Welcome.