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Re: Baby Lovebird with all toes pointing forward

Posted by Glenda on 5/01/08
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    I think this can be corrected. A couple of years ago I was
    feeding a 12 day old Amazon when I realized the toes were
    pointing one way on one of its feet. I carried it to an
    avian vet and she used white gauze tape. She placed the foot
    with the toes in a normal position on the tape and then
    folded the tape around the foot to form a flat bottomed boot
    that extended a little longer in front and back of the foot
    so the foot had to be flat at all times. I left it on for
    approximately a week and when it was removed the foot was
    normal. It may take a little longer on your baby because it
    is older and you may have to change the tape if it gets
    dirty. Its worth a try, just be careful removing the tape as
    those toes are so tiny on a lovebird.
    Good luck,

    On 5/01/08, Evelyn wrote:
    > I just discovered that a 5 week old lovebird has one foot
    > that all the toes point forward. Is a way to correct this?