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Re: Kristen Dooley

Posted by Michelle on 2/08/09
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    Kris deserves anything that comes to her. She kills birds, has a
    nasty dirty store, and cheats people something awful. Sad thing is
    she always blames someone else, never taking responsibility for
    anything she does.I was a customer and couldn't believe what I would
    see in her store. Cats running all over, one day a cat had a mouse
    in it's mouth and was playing with it!! You use her bathroom and
    peek into the kitchen and there are dishes piled a mile high, flies
    everywhere and it stinks! She has other animals besides cats in
    there, and the birds in there had few to no toys. the flight room is
    nasty dirty and all the birds needed baths. She did admit to the
    cats having killed baby birds before. She also had a baby greenwing
    die of polyoma in her store. I gave her benfit of the doubt and kept
    returning for awhile. One day she was trimming a bird and it had a
    few broken tail feathers. She told the owner to pluck the feathers
    so new feathers would grow back. She then proceeded to pluck all the
    poor birds tsil feathers out! The bird bit her when she let it out
    of the towel and she flipped it over on its back and pinned it to
    the ground saying that was the way to tell the bird who was
    boss.This woman should never even be allowed to be around birds.

    On 6/07/08, Goldie wrote:
    > What does that matter? Fact remains Greg cheated and Kristen is
    > trying to save face by denying it and trashing Johnny.
    > HA! I hope this is eating Kristen alive. She is so miserable and
    > disgusting that even her husband can't stand her. And her own
    > husband was trashing her behind her back! It's bad enough
    > everyone else in town hates her, now we find that she even makes
    > her husband miserable.
    > On 6/04/08, mamabird wrote:
    >> On 5/29/08, LOL! wrote:
    >>> Holy Crap!!!
    >>> I'd always heard rumors that Greg cheated on Kris, but HOLY
    >>> CRAP! You go Johnathan for being so awesome and putting it
    >>> out there!
    >>> johnathan fails to tell every one he was a she when this
    > happened
    >>> On 5/21/08, BITTER__SWEET wrote:
    >>>> The following was found on a live web journal, nothing has
    >>>> been edited for this post the url is a direct link to the
    >>>> journal where the content may be viewed.