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Re: Brooders

Posted by debbie on 5/25/08
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    On 5/21/08, Lally wrote:
    > I was wondering what other people use for brooders - I have
    > used a homemade brooder for years. The change is that I am
    > going to need to tranport birds in my car occasionally and
    > need a portable brooder that I can plug in my car. ? Anyone
    > have any suggestions- I do not want to spend what the
    > budget of a small country. However I will spend more for a
    > quality goal is around to $200-300. It does not
    > need to be high tech but reliable. (I breed smaller to
    > meduim birds) I am also interested in talking to people
    > about pros/cons of different types of brooders that other
    > people have used. emails will be sent as I like follow-ups
    > so I can have a better idea before I buy.
    > Thanks a million
    you can go to walmart and by a converter for your cig lighter
    in you car for about $15. You plud into it and it comverts
    12volt energy into 110 volts so you can continue to use the
    brooder you already have.

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