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Post: goffin's cockatoo pair not breeding

Posted by carol on 5/28/08

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    I work at a pet store. We aquired a succesful breeding
    pair 5 mos ago. They sharing a room with other breeders,
    including a pr of conures & 2 pr of lovebirds.
    They came with cage, nesting box, swing & perches. They
    were formally with the pr of conures in an outdoor "shed".
    They are now in a room painted forest green, no outdoor
    windows. There is one window looking outward to store
    business, but we have that covered. The only lighting is
    flourescent fixtures above.
    They have not bred this season....I feel that they need
    some stimulation....Maybe toys??? And UV lighting.
    There diet consist of Zupreem pellets, some "fruit &
    nut" mix and fresh fruit & veggies daily, plus a birdie
    cornbread, which I personally make with variations wkly.
    I need help to make these lovely birds happy & possibly
    breed again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    They are so sweet & seem to be so "in love" with each
    other, just no eggs!!!

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