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Re: quakers eating eggs

Posted by Sue/ny on 7/25/08
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    On 7/23/08, JOSH/GARY /OHIO wrote:
    > On 7/12/08, sue wrote:
    >> On 7/07/08, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    >>> On 7/06/08, Sue wrote:
    >>>> I have a pair of quakers, who are eatting there eggs, is
    >>>> there anything i can do to stop this behavior?
    >>> pull the eggs & incubate.
    >> ya, wish i could she eats them before i can pull
    > We raise alot of quakers have only had this problem twice and both
    > times we supplemented more calcium in the hens diet and she
    > stopped eating the eggs . She is eating them because she need the
    > calcium from the shell. Try hard boiling eggs and crushing the
    > whole egg shell and all and top dressing there seed/pellets. We
    > also put calcium sorbate in their water daily 10 cc to one gallon
    > of water.
    where can I get Calcium Sorbate