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Post: White Cap Pionus question

Posted by Kim in TN on 7/06/08

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    Hi. I recently, as in the last two days, picked up a WC
    Pionus, approximately 4 years old, originally sold to an
    idiot by Petsmart. The bird is completely untouchable but
    does talk, and I'm getting him/her DNA sexed before I make
    any further decisions on it's future. I'm doubtful about
    the pet possiblities, because among other torments, the
    bird has been terrorized by a screaming kid for ages. It
    also was housed in the evil child's room and kept mostly
    in the dark.

    However, I know that the BW Pi has coral colored eyerings
    when mature, but I can't seem to find out anything on the
    White Caps. Do they show the same coloration?

    Any info on this subject will be appreciated. Thanks much.

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