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Posted by Sue on 7/24/08
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    Well I am glad someone else out there shares my thoughts. They
    really had ALOT more business then they do now. And really for
    the most part, other then here at Birdmart and Hoobly and
    Kijiji that is it...I mean there are others, but you really
    dont get any hits..on them. They need to turn their boat
    around, and go back the way they were. Or else they are going
    to pay out the behind for their "servers".

    On 7/24/08, PJ wrote:
    > My thoughts exactly.
    > On 7/24/08, Sue wrote:
    >> Is it just me or does it seem that since Upatsix went to
    >> paying for ad's, there just isnt no where near the people
    >> on there and it is harder then you know what to find
    >> birds now, other then here at Birdmart?
    >> I think Upatsix should of stayed the way they were, to
    >> many other sites list for free for them to get any biz
    >> charging people to list birds.
    >> Just my opinion but then again everybody has one!!