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Re: Tracy Spears AkA GINA Braiden

Posted by PEOPLE PLZ POST on 8/01/08
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    People plz post your stories about this women on the website:

    Lets get the word out, crosspost this website and we will have
    a informational page to gather all evidence an stories on her,
    that can be just printed out and taken to your local DA

    On 8/01/08, Stacey wrote:
    > Gina Braiden from battle ground Indiana got me for $800 for
    > a pair of greys. Same story , no birds, money on its way
    > back and this woman has the gall to still return my e-mails.
    > Never got money. Anyone here who has been dupped called the
    > cops, what has been done so far? e-mail with info please @
    > . And Tracey/Gina if you have the guts to call
    > me please do so!