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Re: Tracy Spears AkA GINA Braiden

Posted by Louise on 8/13/08
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    It may be that you are looking in the wrong places and getting your
    information mixed up.
    You are posting emails and sites that belong to very honest legit
    people, when you need to be searching for her and finding out what is
    really going on with her. Just because someone lives in the same state
    as this person does not make them her and until you start focusing on
    HER she will probably remain out and doing what she does best.
    Bottom line when you are looking for birds get numbers, addresses,
    references, and better even yet do not purchase a bird until you can
    see it for yourself. In the long run even if spending money for gas to
    drive you'll be better off than not. usually a scammer will only sell
    to someone that will have the bird shipped and will not meet in
    person. WHY? Because they do not have the bird.
    Louise Callahan

    On 8/13/08, Choppy Indiana wrote:

    > Why is she not in jail?
    > Choppy from Indiana