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Re: Anyone ever used Zoogen's eggshell testing to test the s

Posted by Cherwood on 7/26/08
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    Nevermind..........I remember now. AvianBiotech. :)

    On 7/26/08, Cherwood wrote:
    > Well, who is everybody using now to DNA sex? Their website is
    > still up.
    > On 7/26/08, Barkley wrote:
    >> I think they are long gone or so I have been told.
    >> On 7/26/08, Cherwood wrote:
    >>> I used to post here quite a bit but it's been quite a while
    >>> now. I just happened to look at Zoogen for testing
    >>> information and noticed that. Anyone ever tried it?
    >>> I was just wondering what the collection process is and how
    >>> it's supposed to be submitted. Weird thing.....I tried
    >>> calling the 1-800 number for Zoogen and was given another
    >>> number to call and it was a sex chat!!!
    >>> Are they still is business or what?