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Re: Cockatoo aggression?

Posted by Diana on 7/30/08
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    On 7/27/08, Lynne wrote:
    > Anyone experienced their male too attacking aggressively,
    > terribly the female? What should I do? Afraid he may
    > seriously hurt her. This isn't normal is it?


    What kind of cockatoo is this? Male cockatoos are known to
    harm to even kill their mates. Please seperate them ASAP.
    I bet the male is coming in and the female is not ready for
    him to breed. You might want to clip the male wings to give
    the female a fighting chance. Use a T-shape nestbox (2 hole
    nestbox for the female protection). I use to breed the
    cockatoos and I have stop for this very reason. Please
    email me if you need any help and good luck with them.
    Please watch your male.