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Re: Is this bird a Catalina or a Scarlet?

Posted by Darrel on 11/20/08
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    Good chance the bird could be a multi-generation catalina, or
    camelot (catalina bred back to a scarlet). Telling tale of
    wether its full scarlet or not are if it has facial feathers.
    Scarlets do NOT, hybrids usually will.

    On 11/09/08, Judy wrote:
    > On 9/04/08, Jennifer wrote:
    >> I bought a macaw from a lady who knows nothing about
    > birds.
    >> what I was told is that he is a Catalina Macaw who is
    >> almost 2 years old. I don't think this bird is a Catalina
    > I
    >> think the bird is a scarlet. His name is Bubba. Here are
    >> some weird little markings he has. His head is red but on
    >> his neck he has little yellow tips on his feathers. The
    >> tips of his wings are red with yellow bands around his
    >> wings and are tiped with green then light blue and dark
    >> blue. I am not really sure if this bird is a catalina or a
    >> scarlet with different markings. Could it maybe be a Ruby
    >> macaw?? I will post some pictures later.
    > Hi Jennifer;
    > If you go to this site:
    > It is a macaw chat - and - if you post your picture on
    > there - there will be many that will welcome your post as
    > well as help you in distinguishing what breed of Macaw you
    > have.
    > Looking forward to seeing your post & picture of your baby
    > real soon. Remember scarlet's don't have any red feathers on
    > their face. As a matter of fact it looks like they don't
    > have any hair on their face.
    > Judy