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Re: Painting bird cages

Posted by Thomas on 11/07/08
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    On 10/31/08, petparrots wrote:
    > On 10/29/08, wendy L. wrote:
    >> On 9/11/08, petparrots wrote:
    >>> On 9/11/08, Beth wrote:
    >>>> What kind of paint is good for re-painting bird cages?
    >>> Krylon spray paint usually only found at Walmart is the only
    >>> safe paint to be used with birds.We have used it for years
    >>> on vet recommendation.
    >> does it matter with the Krylon paint if it is glossy or satin
    >> or flat?
    > Flat is the only recommended spray paint, allow to air and dry
    > few days then wipe down with warm water/ vinegar solution.

    I just contacted a local vet and asked the same question about
    what kind of paint to us . I was told any paint that doe not have
    zinc , or lead in it is safe to use ..