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Re: Eclectus Pair Laying Just Infertile Eggs

Posted by Rick Carter on 10/15/08
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    On 10/09/08, Alicia wrote:
    > I was wondering if any breeders had any ideas on my my S I
    > Electus pair is just laying infertile eggs? The male shows
    > no interest in the female and how can i make him show more
    > interest/breed with her? Thanks for your help!
    Eclectus can be difficult in that aspect. I had a pair of
    Vosmaeri that the female was VERY aggressive with the male.
    My hen would literally throw the male off of the feeding
    platform, if he was in her way. The females are the dominate
    bird in that species. It took me 6 unsuccessful clutches of
    eggs, until they finally got it right, and I had 2 chicks.
    If I had to do it over again I would take a 3-4 year old
    male with a 1 year old hen, and let them bond that way until
    she came of age, and then supply a box. My hen was 11 and
    the male was 9 years old, when I introduced them together.
    They are just a little different from the " normal "
    parrots, be patient with them, just do not let her lay too
    many clutches, and get calcium depleated. Maybe take the box
    away from them, you could also try a 2nd male. I have read a
    lot about them in their natural environment, and the hens
    are " serviced " by different males. If you have big enough
    flight, you could try 2 males with her. competition might
    work, just keep an eye on the males with each other ! Good