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Re: Eclectus Pair Laying Just Infertile Eggs

Posted by Nicholas Cook on 10/30/08
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    On 10/09/08, Alicia wrote:
    > I was wondering if any breeders had any ideas on my my S I
    > Electus pair is just laying infertile eggs? The male shows
    > no interest in the female and how can i make him show more
    > interest/breed with her? Thanks for your help!
    Hello Alicia: Where are you located with zip code ?
    for distance. Would you like to sell them ? How much ?
    Are you interested in any bird Trade for them ? I have an
    Adult Male Molluccan Cockatoo, very pink, not hand Tame,
    ( $ 900.00 ) will add Lovebirds or Cockatiels or Quakers
    to the deal. I do not need a cage. Hope this would lower
    price. ** Just in case ** I will offer a 5 month old
    Female Miniature Pinscher, blue & tan, Vet check, shots,
    dewormed, She is Registered. I am Nick from Baltimore City,
    Maryland 21223. ( pets ) Dogs and Puppies.
    Time is 1:27 pm. Thursday. I would love to Trade for
    your Parrots. Are they Pluck ? How long have you had
    them ? ( Vigra )