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Re: Why Does She lay her Eggs Standing on the pearch

Posted by Tim on 11/23/08
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    On 11/22/08, Tom wrote:
    > I bought a great looking pr of Blue and Gold Macaws . They
    > were sold to me as a proven pr of breeders , but I wasnt
    > told that momma lays her eggs standing on the pearch . Does
    > any one know why she would do this and if there is any fix
    > to the problem ? They have a large Macaw size breeder box
    > that I had special made and both the male and female go in
    > and out of it all the time ..

    Invest in some fake ceramic eggs and place them in the
    nestbox, this will help the hen to realize she is to lay in
    the nestbox, some seller's definition of a proven pair is
    that they are male and female, I doubt very much the seller
    was completely honest with you.