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Re: Why Does She lay her Eggs Standing on the pearch

Posted by Thomas T. on 11/24/08
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    On 11/23/08, Tim wrote:
    > On 11/22/08, Tom wrote:
    >> I bought a great looking pr of Blue and Gold Macaws . They
    >> were sold to me as a proven pr of breeders , but I wasnt
    >> told that momma lays her eggs standing on the pearch . Does
    >> any one know why she would do this and if there is any fix
    >> to the problem ? They have a large Macaw size breeder box
    >> that I had special made and both the male and female go in
    >> and out of it all the time ..
    > Invest in some fake ceramic eggs and place them in the
    > nestbox, this will help the hen to realize she is to lay in
    > the nestbox, some seller's definition of a proven pair is
    > that they are male and female, I doubt very much the seller
    > was completely honest with you.

    Hi Tim Thank you very much for the idea . I am going to try it
    and see how things go . I know for a fact the person I bought
    these macaws from was not honest with me . Like you said to many
    people are not being honest because they want to get rid of
    birds . To all you breeders out there looking for proven
    breeders please be careful . You might be better off to buy a
    two younger birds from different people and set up your own prs
    .. Good Luck to all ..