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Re: Newborn amazon

Posted by Please Answer on 11/27/08
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    On 11/27/08, Jon wrote:
    > I have a pair of amazons that just hatched a baby and was
    > wondering if they would be able to feed the bird on their
    > own or would I have to remove it and take it to a pet store
    > where someone would hand feed it?

    Why would you give your birds a nest box and be so clueless
    as to what it takes to successfully raise a bird?

    But since you haven't any idea, make sure your parent birds
    have plenty of soft foods, greens, etc. to successfully raise
    this baby.

    Please find a home for the pair of birds when they are
    finished with raising this bird.

    Yes, the baby should be hand fed if you want it to be a pet,
    but you are not the person that should even attempt to do