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Re: Mini Macaw

Posted by Gina Mesiti on 1/08/09
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    On 12/13/08, karen wrote:
    > On 12/13/08, Mona wrote:
    >> My Congo just died 2 days ago I am so lost without him, I
    >> am looking to get a mini macaw. Does anyone know of any
    >> breeders around the Conroe Tx area.
    > Try the above
    > from what I hear her red front macaws are in such demand
    > there is a waiting list, but they are worth the time & $
    > if you need to fill your heart try
    > I have 2 refuge birds & they are great, let the refuge bird
    > pick YOU out. They know what they like!
    > best of luck
    Happy New Year to you all and we hope all of you had a great
    holiday. While you were enjoying the holidays we have been
    fast at work thinking of new things for you and your feathered
    companions. So, we have stocked the store full with new cages,
    new types of play stands, several types of tents, new food
    mixes, (our new Caribbean Island Blend – mmm, just the aroma
    alone will bring your mind to the Islands), new foraging toys,
    new chewable toys, Nutri-berries, Birdie Greens, Birdie breads,
    Avian select foods, and so much more.

    We have unique perches and stands that will blow you away!!
    Our new carriers are fashion statements! Straight from Italy!
    We hope you like them as much as we do. Concetta is working
    hard at our Parrot Safari Toy Factory which is well under way
    and is making headlines. We hope you enjoy the brand new items
    we ordered for you and your baby's pleasure.


    We are running a special. If you refer a client to us and they
    make a single purchase of $500-$999 you (the referring friend)
    will get an in store “Thank You” credit of $25 redeemable for
    anything in the store. If they spend $1000 - $1999 then the
    referring friend will get a $50 “Thank You” store credit, if
    the sale is $2000 - $2999 than the “Thank You” store credit
    amount will be $100. It will go up with the higher sales too.
    Make sure that when they buy the bird and bundle of goods that
    they mention your name and we will issue you a “Thank You
    Credit”. Sounds like a great idea… and you get to get free
    toys, food or whatever your heart desires. Well, hope to see
    you in the store soon because as fast as we get these new
    products in,is as fast as they are going out.

    Just to let you know we have babies in the store and more to

    Baby Hahn's Macaw
    Green Cheek Conures babies
    Yellow Sided Conures babies
    Blue Fronted Amazon 3 1/2 years old
    Two Albino Cockatiels babies
    Love Bird babies
    American Parakeets for only $34.95 hand fed and hand tamed
    Beautiful English Budgies (Rare-green gray split) on two of them
    Quakers green to blue split
    Baby Hahn's Macaw who absolutely loves to be cuddled with
    and more babies on their way. We are very excited about the
    little Hawk Head that will be here next week.

    One more thing… Now is the time, if you want to special order
    any babies please call so we can make arrangements for you.

    Hope to see you soon,

    Store Manager

    PS Concetta actually popped in during Christmas week and will
    be visiting more frequently in 2009. She misses you all. She
    can be reached daily through e-mails, even just to say , “HI”.

    Have a great day!