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Re: 6 eggs 7 babies

Posted by Glenda on 1/02/09
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    On 1/01/09, Tim wrote:
    > Here's a head scratcher for you, pair of greencheek
    > conures, laid 6 eggs, all the babies hatched and were
    > being fed, when I pulled babies to handfeed there was 7
    > chicks, my only thought is a set of twins, two chicks from
    > one egg, I had this happen once before with a pair of
    > senegals, 2 chicks, one egg, but the senegals didn't make
    > it, these ones did and are doing fine, I thought it was
    > worth sharing.

    Hi Tim,
    This happened to me many years ago with a pair of whiteface
    cockatiels. 3 eggs...4 babies. 2 of the babies were one half
    the size of the other 2. Both babies were pulled and handfed
    day 1. One baby died after about a week and the other one
    survived and caught up to the normal size siblings. Twins
    are rare and seldom survive but it does happen. Usually
    there is not enough room for the 2 to develop properly. If
    they survive the incubating period the embryo on the bottom
    sometimes cannot get to the air pocket so it dies at hatch.
    I have also had a double yolk Amazon egg in which 1 yolk was
    fertile and the other wasn't. In this case the embryo was on
    the bottom and it survived.