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Re: 6 eggs 7 babies...HELLO???GINA ???

Posted by Amazed on 1/10/09
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    st \On 1/01/09, Tim wrote:
    > Here's a head scratcher for you, pair of greencheek
    > conures, laid 6 eggs, all the babies hatched and were
    > being fed, when I pulled babies to handfeed there was 7
    > chicks, my only thought is a set of twins, two chicks from
    > one egg, I had this happen once before with a pair of
    > senegals, 2 chicks, one egg, but the senegals didn't make
    > it, these ones did and are doing fine, I thought it was
    > worth sharing.


    He said GREENCHEEKS in his post..FiRsT LiNE !!!!

    and Rosellas don't breed in heated aviaries ??
    WOW I guess for 29 years, I, and hundreds of other breeders
    are miracle workers dear !!!

    Unbeleievable people out there boy!!!!

    My God.

    Perplexed and Amazed at Dumbness