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Re: 6 eggs 7 babies

Posted by Tim on 1/12/09
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    On 1/12/09, Rick wrote:
    > On 1/02/09, Tim wrote:
    >>> Hi Tim,
    >>> This happened to me many years ago with a pair of whiteface
    >>> cockatiels. 3 eggs...4 babies. 2 of the babies were one half
    >>> the size of the other 2. Both babies were pulled and handfed
    >>> day 1. One baby died after about a week and the other one
    >>> survived and caught up to the normal size siblings. Twins
    >>> are rare and seldom survive but it does happen. Usually
    >>> there is not enough room for the 2 to develop properly. If
    >>> they survive the incubating period the embryo on the bottom
    >>> sometimes cannot get to the air pocket so it dies at hatch.
    >>> I have also had a double yolk Amazon egg in which 1 yolk was
    >>> fertile and the other wasn't. In this case the embryo was on
    >>> the bottom and it survived.
    >>> Glenda
    >> Thanks Glenda,I know its pretty rare, but was a pleasent
    >> surprise non-the-less, parents were very good at keeping all
    >> the babies fed, I was impressed all six hatched, the twins was
    >> a bonus, In had a senegal pair years ago that produced twins
    >> but both died before hatching, now if only I can get twins
    >> with the rosies....
    > This interesting thread has become quite trivial due to your
    > unintentional abbreviated "Rosies". So if you wouldn't mind
    > clearing the air with the type of Rosies you are referring so
    > others can then agree / disagree and offer more intellect. I have
    > always been told you shouldn't assume anything. I think you know
    > where I am headed with this. Good luck with the babies.

    Galahs, Rosebreasted Cockatoos, pink pigeons, how's that? :)