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Re: 6 eggs 7 babies

Posted by Rick on 1/13/09
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    On 1/12/09, Well La Ti Da wrote:
    > On 1/12/09, Rick wrote:
    >> This interesting thread has become quite trivial due to your
    >> unintentional abbreviated "Rosies". So if you wouldn't mind
    >> clearing the air with the type of Rosies you are referring so
    >> others can then agree / disagree and offer more intellect. I have
    >> always been told you shouldn't assume anything. I think you know
    >> where I am headed with this. Good luck with the babies.
    > Well, aren't you the surly little snip! Who appointed you director
    > of the cruise ship's entertainment?
    > Intellect, my tukkus.

    Is not my intent to be, just wish people would ask questions before
    assuming they know what the person IS actually talking about, that's
    all. Are people afraid to ask questions before going on tangents? This
    was an interesting posting before it went astray with assumption. At
    least now we know he was talking about his Rosebreasted Cockatoos, aka
    "Rosies". Thanks again.