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Re: 6 eggs 7 babies

Posted by to My Tukkus on 1/13/09
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    On 1/12/09, Well La Ti Da wrote:
    > On 1/12/09, Rick wrote:
    >> This interesting thread has become quite trivial due to your
    >> unintentional abbreviated "Rosies". So if you wouldn't mind
    >> clearing the air with the type of Rosies you are referring so
    >> others can then agree / disagree and offer more intellect. I have
    >> always been told you shouldn't assume anything. I think you know
    >> where I am headed with this. Good luck with the babies.
    > Well, aren't you the surly little snip! Who appointed you director
    > of the cruise ship's entertainment?
    > Intellect, my tukkus.

    Don't be upset, My Tukkus. Maybe you should have posted the response,
    then you can be director of the cruise ship's entertainment. Don't be
    a hater! LOL. Silly people.