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Re: Need help Please

Posted by Rick on 2/01/09
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    On 1/31/09, Mickie wrote:
    > My lovebird is two and a half years old,for the past 7 t0
    > 8 months he has been acting very weird. He rubs himself
    > against his toys, perches or anything you put into his
    > cage, also if I'm holding him he tries to rub himself in
    > my hands. I know what the rubbing is. But I'm concerned
    > because he is doing this 24/7, he doesn't stop, it goes on
    > even after I cover him for the night. Another part of his
    > behavior is that he is eating and rejurgitating his food
    > and feeding his toys and perches 24/7 he alternates his
    > rubbing and rejurgitating. He eats well and I make sure
    > he has plenty of fresh food, pellets and seeds I also give
    > him vitamins and calcium but because he throws up
    > everything he eats I think he's bulimic. His weight is
    > steady at 53 grams, he was 56- 60 grams when he was a
    > baby.
    > Can you please tell me what's wrong with him and how can I
    > help him.
    > I really appreciate your help.
    > Mickie

    Hi Mickie,

    You have a perfectly "overactive" healthy sexual male on your
    hands. We go through the same thing as yourself with our Male
    Macaw. Yes, it does get aggravating, but it's only natural for
    them, it will pass, just as ours has.
    Basically the only thing you can do is distract him when he
    exhibits this behavior. If need be, limit your hands on
    contact when out of the cage. He will try and feed you quite
    often as well. When in his cage, well, you will have to let
    his urge pass.
    There are other things you can do to detour this behavior. I
    have attached a link for you to check out regarding hormonal
    behavior in birds and understanding this behavior. Hope this
    will help you.