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Re: Beware of Brightwood Avaiery In Georgia

Posted by MN on 2/13/09
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    On 2/09/09, Lesweso wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I have bought 4 birds from Carmen and I have never had a
    > problem with any of them. They were and are still very well
    > socialized and are very sweet loving birds. I got the
    > following birds from her yellow collar macaw, panama amazon
    > parrot, and 2 white cap pionus and I have never had a problem
    > with them or with Carmen. In fact Carmen has been there any
    > time that I had a question and she has always been a great
    > help to me. I don't know what problems that you have with
    > her. But there are a lot of us out here that think very
    > highly of her.
    > Thank you
    > Leslie
    > On 2/09/09, Kevin wrote:
    >> You should e-mail me before considering buying from
    >> here you might not get what you pay for.

    I agree with Leslie. I have bought a breeder pair of Green
    Cheeks from Carmen in the passed. Not only did i get what she
    stated i was getting but, to this day if i have a ?'s i email
    her and she gets right back to me. Besides that the pair was
    bonded for her and she was honest to let me know that and they
    ended up being proven for me with the first clutch.