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Re: Beware of Brightwood Avaiery In Georgia

Posted by Les on 2/13/09
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    It is so sad when someone results to childish name calling. To this
    reply I only have to say that I have gotten 4 great birds and
    received emails from her and pictures of the babies up until the day
    I got to pick them up. She also returned every phone call that I
    have ever made to her. I also saw a post that she has changed her
    email address, she has had the same email address for over 2 years.
    I have been buying birds from Carmen for over 6 years.

    On 2/13/09, BEWARE!!! wrote:
    > On 2/13/09, MN wrote:
    >> On 2/09/09, Lesweso wrote:
    >>> Hi,
    >>> I have bought 4 birds from Carmen and I have never had a
    >>> problem with any of them. They were and are still very well
    >>> socialized and are very sweet loving birds. I got the
    >>> following birds from her yellow collar macaw, panama amazon
    >>> parrot, and 2 white cap pionus and I have never had a problem
    >>> with them or with Carmen. In fact Carmen has been there any
    >>> time that I had a question and she has always been a great
    >>> help to me. I don't know what problems that you have with
    >>> her. But there are a lot of us out here that think very
    >>> highly of her.
    >>> Thank you
    >>> Leslie

    >>> On 2/09/09, Kevin wrote:
    >>>> You should e-mail me before considering buying from
    >>>> here you might not get what you pay for.
    >> I agree with Leslie. I have bought a breeder pair of Green
    >> Cheeks from Carmen in the passed. Not only did i get what she
    >> stated i was getting but, to this day if i have a ?'s i email
    >> her and she gets right back to me. Besides that the pair was
    >> bonded for her and she was honest to let me know that and they
    >> ended up being proven for me with the first clutch.
    > Carmen is looney toones. I didn't get anything at all what I
    > paid for. I feel lucky now that I got anything at all tho. And
    > she has terrible communication skills. After the sale she never
    > returned a call or an email. BE CAREFULL!!