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Re: Beware of Brightwood Avaiery In Georgia

Posted by rich on 4/28/09
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    If you dont get what you paid for YOU didnt do your homework
    or obviously did not deal with a reputable breeder. There are
    thousands of happy customers who buy online accept shipped
    birds from reputable breeders. but they do their homework
    askl for references etc when in doubt.... dont blame a
    breeder or aviary because of your negligence. their in
    business for profit and $$$$$ is their game. when you go to
    purchase a bird and choose to have it shipped and get a
    parakeet in place of a macaw then yeah id say the breeder is
    a thief. but in person if you go see the bird make the
    exchange and your not happy then whos to blame the breeder??
    i think you!Id love to hear the story tho. not just diss a
    breeder business or aviary then say EMAIL me before you buy
    from joe shmoe.... is you got factual statements then put
    them on the table or dont just jabber about it. when u
    thrash on a big enough breeder you may end up in court.There
    are laws that protect businesses just as they do the general
    public. they are mostly licensed businsses who have a
    reputation to uphold.But maybe you have a ligitimate
    complaint but a reputable breeder would have resolved your
    problem wihtin reason if they in fact were at fault.