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Re: Indain Ringneck pair.. Any info would be great

Posted by All you need to know on 3/25/09
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    On 3/24/09, Bridget wrote:
    > I have a pair of indian ringnecks and they have been
    > together sense Sept, With nestbox. they have NO interest in
    > the box or breeding, Male will go in the box but thats it.
    > What am I doing wrong? Should I re pair them, try a
    > different box. Both are proven with different mate. Any
    > helpful info would be great thanks

    Ringnecks are not a species of birds that engage in life-long
    bonding. In other words, if you can't love the one you love,
    love the one you're with.

    A lot of factors go into successful breeding of birds. There
    are so many, but here are a few.
    How old are the birds? What is their environment? (busy,
    noisy, quiet)
    Right kind of nest box for a Ringneck. Ideally they prefer
    boot boxes.
    Diet? Is it a breeder diet? Higher protein, fresh
    vegetables, etc.
    Are they a male and female? (don't laugh) Old enough to breed?
    Too old to breed?

    And finally, there is patience. Just because you do have a
    male and female, doing everything right, some pairs of birds
    just take time to adjust to their environment and each other.
    This is the biggest reason, in my opinion, why birds are sold
    and re-homed. People are not patient to let nature take it's
    course. If you're doing this for a quick buck, sell them now
    as they deserve better.