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Re: Question about CAG Breeders

Posted by Alexis on 4/15/09
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    On 4/10/09, Danielle wrote:
    > On 4/10/09, Robin wrote:
    >> On 4/07/09, Bill wrote:
    >>> On 4/04/09, Danielle wrote:
    >>>> I have a bonded pair of CAG's that have been together for
    >>>> about a year. The guy that I purchased them from told me
    >>>> to be careful as to when I open the box for them because
    >>>> if one of them is not ready, they will kill the other. My
    >>>> question is when will I know they are ready? I have been
    >>>> watching for signs like sitting closer together etc.
    >>>> The "kiss" but I don't really know what else to watch for.
    >>>> I noticed that the female has been going to the bottom a
    >>>> lot and tearing up the newspaper and she "knocked" on the
    >>>> box door one day but haven't heard/seen her do it since. I
    >>>> usually asways buy proven pairs and I am at a lost as to
    >>>> what I need to look for. Thanks for any help!!!!!!
    >>> Danielle,
    >>> I've been breeding greys since 1995 and have never had that
    >>> experience. If you have them together and they aren't
    >>> aggressive toward each other, open the box to them! I've
    >>> paired single greys and given them boxes as soon as they
    >>> were placed together with no problem. If you have a male and
    >>> a female, both mature and ready to breed, comfortable in
    >>> their environment, sometimes they will get right to it. In
    >>> other cases, you could wait years. If they get along and
    >>> are "kissing" without one going after the other
    >>> aggressively, they should be absolutely fine. I have found
    >>> that if a breeder has had one bad experience with a pair of
    >>> birds, they assume that behavior is written in stone for
    >>> that species. Good luck!
    >> Danielle,
    >> I agree with the last response. If they are a true pair,
    >> surgically sexed male & female. (I would have looked for
    >> tattoos upoon arrival) they should be fine. Usually the males
    >> will get a little aggressive towards the human when they are
    > in
    >> the breeding mode. Of course the diet, proper nest, lighting
    >> etc has allot to do with getting them ready also.
    > Thanks for answering my question! I actually purcahsed them a
    > new cage so when I transfered them into it, I opened the box.
    > They did great! They are in and out all the time. She seems to
    > be very dominent over him. Today she wouldn't let him out of the
    > box when I put their fresh veggies and fruit in?!?! I just let
    > it go and decided to keep an eye on them to see if she
    > continues. I was really surprised at how well they did!!!!!


    Don't forget what was said on one of the response; If they are true
    pair meaning surgically sexed they should be fine" If not, better
    do it. 2 males or 2 females could be bonded. Good chance that in
    surgical sexing, internal problem could be discovered.