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Re: Question about Blue Indian Ringneck Chicks

Posted by guess on 4/26/09
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    On 4/25/09, wondering wrote:
    If you get redeyes baby that mean the cock is split ino. Your
    baby will surely be an albino hen. Blueino = albino.

    > I'm new to ringnecks, but a long time bird breeder.
    > I have a blue/blue pair of IR and they produced two
    > babies. They only fed one and other expired.
    > The remaining baby has red eyes and what appears to be
    > white pin feathers starting.
    > Do blue babies look this way and have re eyes or could this
    > be an albino? Parents eyes are dark so didn't know if eye
    > color changed as baby matured. I don't have a history of
    > these birds background as far a splits might be concerned.
    > Thanks for any info.