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Re: Better family and talking pet

Posted by rich on 4/28/09
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    On 4/26/09, nj wrote:
    > Can any on assist me on which is a better family pet with
    > there talking ability.... Congo grey or you double yellow
    > amazon... Thank you.

    my opinionis both are great talkers but the Yellow Nape is by
    far the best talker ive aquired over the years or heard. its
    capability to mimic others voices is unreal, and vocabulary
    is unlimited.

    DYH amazon is an exceptional talker
    Congo greys mimic alot more than talk, they love to make
    sounds they hear, like mine makes backup beeper sound,knock
    on door sound, sweeky toy sounds etc, but he talks too and
    counts to 5 etc, whistles opera etc.