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Post: Tanagers

Posted by Ron Lyscas on 6/10/09

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    Like everyone else that may be looking for these softbills,
    I have run into many obstacles along the way. Either they
    had some and they are gone now or they are out of business.
    I would like a name of a rock solid breeder of a variety of

    If there are any breeders out there reading this please
    write to me. I do not have a problem with the price or
    shipping expenses, but I will need references and customers
    names to contact about your sales.

    This is a list of Tanagers I will buy:
    Silver Throated
    Blue Winged Mountain

    I have Blue Greys already and they seem to be very easy to
    locate, but they are the least impressive of this birds
    colorful standard. Thanks, Ron

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