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Re: Well Trained Pair Hyacinth Macaw Parrots

Posted by Dave on 7/16/09
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    On 7/15/09, Tim wrote:
    > On 7/12/09, dave wrote:
    >> On 7/10/09, Robert Moss wrote:
    >>> Currently on market for bird breeders,bird lovers,lovely
    >>> proven pair hyacinth Macaws Parrots.They are hand fed,tamed
    >>> and DNA tested and raised mainly for pets.Talking ability is
    >>> fair.Have large cage to go with them for free, but will
    >>> prefers they be out hanging around with their chew toys.
    >>> Needs lots of toys and wood to exercise that big beak. loves
    >>> bungies and swings. spends a lot of time hanging upside
    >>> down, likes the world better that way.
    >>> Price very encouraging.
    >>> Contact for more details.
    >> Hi there Robert...I am interested...
    >> Dave
    > Hook, line, and sinker........

    Answering equates to HLS? What is to be gained by such? It would
    seem that PAYING would be HLS...Answering when the price in not
    even stated is a possible deal but HLS...NOT...But thanks for your know, they're like armpits...everyone has a couple
    and they generally stink...LOL