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Post: Need advice on a Sun Conure & Sunday Conure

Posted by Birdlover75 on 8/16/09

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    Can anyone help me with a couple of questions on conures.
    I adopted a sun Conure & SunDay Conure 2 yrs ago. I was
    told the SunConure was a Female and about 2 yrs old and
    the Sunday Conures was thinking a male and at the time 6
    months old. Well, I have had the both for a little over 2
    yrs. they are Both in the same cage. They came from Diff.
    Homes. They are VERY Bonded. They Mate at least 2-3 times
    a day for about a yr now. I have NEVER seen an egg. They
    are in a Cage that is in My living room. Where they
    interact with everyone. Like I said they mate right
    infront of you no matter if it is noisy in the house or
    not. Why do youthink I have not seen any eggs. They do
    have a Breeding box in the cage I put in there 1 yr ago.
    Can it be because they are not in a Quiet room? Any Advice
    Please give! Thanks.

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