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Re: Need advice on a Sun Conure & Sunday Conure

Posted by Rush on 9/09/09
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    Have them DNA'd you cannot tell the sex of Suns or Jendays by
    there looks. Even if you have witnessed sexual behavior they
    are probably just relieving they're sexual drive that they
    have. Surgical sexing would probably be best method of
    knowing sexes but DNA is just as good as far as knowing
    they're sex.

    On 8/16/09, Birdlover75 wrote:
    > Can anyone help me with a couple of questions on conures.
    > I adopted a sun Conure & SunDay Conure 2 yrs ago. I was
    > told the SunConure was a Female and about 2 yrs old and
    > the Sunday Conures was thinking a male and at the time 6
    > months old. Well, I have had the both for a little over 2
    > yrs. they are Both in the same cage. They came from Diff.
    > Homes. They are VERY Bonded. They Mate at least 2-3 times
    > a day for about a yr now. I have NEVER seen an egg. They
    > are in a Cage that is in My living room. Where they
    > interact with everyone. Like I said they mate right
    > infront of you no matter if it is noisy in the house or
    > not. Why do youthink I have not seen any eggs. They do
    > have a Breeding box in the cage I put in there 1 yr ago.
    > Can it be because they are not in a Quiet room? Any Advice
    > Please give! Thanks.