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Re: Question about keeping breeders in a outside building

Posted by Tim on 1/25/10
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    On 1/24/10, Thinking about doing so.... wrote:
    > Do you or anyone you know have their breeders in a outside
    > building?
    > I am thinking about doing and really curious how others do
    > it, like heating/cooling/cleaning etc.
    > Now I am not talking about the warmer states, i am talking
    > about like in MO,IL,IN area where the weather changes
    > frequently...any ideas or anyone who does so?

    I live in the northeast and my breeders are in a 24' X 48'
    heated building,I use monitor heaters and keep the aviary at
    63 degrees in the winter, everyone is in suspended flights
    so excess food and droppings fall to the cement floor below,
    I have a trench drain that runs the length of the building
    and the floors are hosed down, easy to keep clean and cuts
    down on maintenence, I have lights on a timer and most
    breeders are in 7 foot flights. Initial set-up can be pricey
    but the long term savings in labor quickly makes up for it.
    Hope this helps.