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Re: Question about keeping breeders in a outside building

Posted by Tim on 1/26/10
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    On 1/25/10, Thinking about doing so... wrote:
    > Thanks alot, i am going to buy a premade garage, i havent
    > determined the size yet, but pretty big, i have to go look at
    > them, they will have a couple windows in them, in the summer
    > do you use any sort of cooling system? I am not able to have
    > the concrete flooring, but will be wood, so I was going to
    > put shavings down scattered to help soak up the droppings and
    > food etc...My cages will still be the same as they use now and
    > all are on wheels,but my concern was heating and cooling with
    > our temp changes in the summer and winter months, someone
    > mentioned space heaters , that i dont care for due to a fire
    > hazard, and then someone else mentioned heat lamps, dont
    > really know alot about them, so 63 degrees is pretty good temp
    > for all types of birds? I was wondering about that too, i
    > wanted to get them acclimate to a cooler temp then what i keep
    > in the house, but yet not to cold either. do you possibly have
    > a email I could talk to you more? Thanks.