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Re: hi

Posted by Lacey on 3/17/10
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    Hmmm Sounds like you have not yet done your research.
    After all if you had you would know there are no RED Parrotlets.

    Take some time and learn about these fabulous birds. They are
    wonderful pets i own 3 of them. They surely keep me laughing
    and are really great.
    Please though as with any pet do some research before getting
    one to make sure you in fact know that it is a good fit

    here are a couple sites to give you great info

    Once you have taken the time and learn that yes this is the
    bird for you a great yahoo group called Parrotlet plus has a
    great bunch of members and they have a breeders list and can
    recommend breeders

    On 3/17/10, donita wrote:
    > hi does anyone close to saint joseph missouri have any
    > parrotlets for sale? please let me know if you know anyone
    > close by. id like a picture of one, i was looking for the
    > red or a blue much? thanks.

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