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Re: timnehs vs greys

Posted by GreenLady on 5/27/10
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    On 5/25/10, Linda wrote:
    > I am looking to purchase a grey or timneh. I am getting
    > mixed free back from experience bird owners to go with the
    > grey vs the timneh. Does anyone have an opinpion?

    I am assuming you are referring to Congo Grey vs Timneh Grey.
    The Congo is larger and has a bright red tail opposed to the
    smaller Timneh with a dark maroon tail.
    The Congo can be a very light silver to dark gray, while the
    Timneh is usually a darker gray with a bone-colored beak.
    Some people prefer the smaller size of the Timneh vs the
    larger body of the Congo.
    Each has the ability to talk if they choose to do so, but the
    Congo voice is much clearer and stronger.

    Having raised both of these species, my personal opinion is
    that the Timneh is less neurotic and somewhat more calm than
    the Congo. This is only my personal view and I'm sure others
    will have their own opinions.