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Re: Parakeets. Don't know what to do.

Posted by GreenLady on 6/24/10
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    On 6/23/10, Alex Knoch wrote:
    > I just bought a pair of parakeets that I was told had a baby
    > in the nesting box. When i brought it home i found out that
    > there was a dead baby parakeet in the box and another one
    > that i am not sure is healthy. There are also 3 more eggs in
    > the box that i am not sure if they are ok. One of the eggs
    > are broken and I can see a pink baby. I have taken out the
    > dead baby bird. I am not sure what else I should do.

    Alex, first of all, if a person sold you a pair of parakeets
    while they were nesting and trying to hatch and raise their
    babies, they didn't care very much about these birds.

    No decent breeder would ever sell a pair while they were on

    That being said, I do hope you are knowledgeable in raising
    birds and will provide a proper diet for breeding birds on
    eggs. This should include some type of egg food, be it
    bought or homemade. Greens, such as kale, collards, turnips,
    etc. would also help.

    Leave the parents be and allow them to try to salvage whats
    left of their family. They know what to do, they just need
    proper food and privacy to do it.