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Re: Illinois Timneh Grey breeders

Posted by Linda on 7/25/10
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    On 7/01/10, Linda wrote:
    > On 7/01/10, Jennifer wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I'm looking for a breeder in Illinois that breeds Timneh
    >> Greys. I have come across a lot of out of state breeders,
    >> but I don't want to go that route. I don't want to ship my
    >> bird because I feel it is stressful, and shipping is
    >> expensive. Additionally, I would like to visit the aviary
    >> and be able to pick up my parrot.
    > I am also looking for a Timneh baby male in Illinois. I
    > found 2 breeders one in Iowa and Wisc. I also want to be
    > able to visit with the baby while its being wean so we can
    > get to know each other. Where about are you in Illinois? I
    > am near Ohare.

    Found my baby timneh..put a deposit down Saturday..Will be
    bringing him home Labor day excited