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Post: jardine parrot for sale in CA

Posted by cherie chantal on 10/10/10

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    Looking for a Jardine parrot in CA at a resonable price
    that comes with cage; I do NOT believe in shipping!
    Either sex is fine with me.
    The Jardines are such beautifule birds and their plumage
    just glows, I've fallen in love with the breed's
    personality; playfulness, intelligence, talking ability
    and their just being all out little lovers!
    Unfortunately, I am not able to pay a whole lot of money
    and to me they are priceless. If there is a Jardines that
    needs to be rehomed or has been abused (most of my furry
    and feathery ones have been that I've taken in and they
    are happy and in wonderful health now!)
    Please get back to me if you have or know of a Jardines in
    need of a loving and caring home.
    Many hugs,

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