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Post: Must Sell due to family illness

Posted by Dana, Louisiana on 11/23/10

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    Hi everyone!I know this is not a for sale board but I
    thought I post this so that mostly breeders will see it.
    Due to my Mother being ill I am selling the last of my
    birds. I cut back last year from 500 birds to my best 20
    pairs. Due to her health and having to take care of her I
    am selling the best of the flock. These are all good
    breeders. Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks
    for taking the time to read my add.

    Proven pair of yellow naped amazons $1000
    proven bluefront amazon hen $500
    proven Illiger macaws $1200
    Umbrella cockatoos pair - put together in spring - very 
    bonded with each other, both proven with other mates $1500

    for info please call 225-573-7919 or email

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